Where the Wild Things Are: October 2008

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So, the reason I haven’t been posting much lately is that my computer is jam-packed full and I have been putting all my photos on an external hard-drive. The problem is: the drive is all set up in our family room, where the heat hasn’t been turned on yet…resulting in my not wanting to freeze my ass while I sort through pictures to post. I have lots of shots from Tamera and Kevin’s visit, etc, but unless I go sit in cold storage, no way to put them on this blog. They are, however, on my flickr account. It’s so much faster to upload things there, so I always put them there at the same time I take them off my camera. Today I drove for another school field trip to a pumpkin patch, yes, yet again in the pouring rain. It’s a school policy, I think. All field trips may only take place in the rain. If you ever want to see something just totally CRAZY, take fourteen four year olds out to a muddy field in a downpour, and tell them to each bring back a big pumpkin. It seems clutching a slippery, filthy, giant pumpkin to your wet raincoated chest doesn’t really work all that well. Who knew? Also, we were driven down to the patch on a wagon (lovely puddles on the seats!) behind a tractor going, oh, maybe 2.5 miles per hour. Good times were had by all.

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