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Over time, Nigerian school directors, specifically, the lslamiyyah schools had compensated Lip solutions towards the keeping that is appropriate of. All of these schools do is teach and graduate just students. Nevertheless as seen by NTI, (2000:12) in 1964, a headmaster of one primary college inside our neighboring Bauchi State ended up being up against one knowledge that is really serious. A form containing questionnaires which can be many one for the old pupils for the college who was selected is appointed since the president of the Federal Public Service Commissioner was given to him to perform. The student graduated many years ahead of the headmaster even went to college that is primary. Consequently, the headmaster didn’t understand the man physically and would not know very well what to publish about him. The solution this is certainly simply to the headmaster was to seek out the school records. The college records revealed the entire year the pupil ended up being admitted, the year he passed on, the documents of their good overall performance that is educational files of annual awards provided to the pupil amongst others. It was these documents that helped the headmaster to correctly and accurately filled the form that assisted the person become successfully appointed.

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